Participants in RIX

All of the major Swedish banks, the clearing organisations, the Swedish National Debt Office and the Riksbank itself are participants in RIX.

RIX participants
Participant Clearing no. Certified for RIX-RTGS Certified for RIX-INST
Aion Bank S.A. 9580 X  
Avanza Bank AB 9550 X  
Bankgirocentralen BGC AB 9900


Banking Circle 9600 X  
BlueStep Bank AB 9680 X  
BNP Paribas S.A. 9470  X  
Carnegie Investment Bank AB 2100 X  
Citibank Europe plc 9040  X  

CLS Bank International

1099 X  
Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank S.A. 9080  X  
Danske Bank A/S 1200 X X
DnB Bank ASA 9190  X  
Ekobanken 9700 X  
Erik Penser Bank AB 9590 X  
Euroclear Sweden AB 9910  X  
Cboe Clear Europe 1060 X  
JAK Medlemsbank 9670 X  
Klarna Bank AB 9780 X  
Kommuninvest i Sverige AB 9955  X  
Landshypotek Bank AB 9390 X  
LCH Limited 9957 X  
Lunar Bank A/S 9710 X  
Lån & Spar Bank A/S 9630 X  
Länsförsäkringar Bank AB 9020  X X
Marginalen bank AB 9230 X X
Multitude Bank p.l.c 9070 X  
Nasdaq Clearing AB 9870  X  
NOBA Bank Group AB (publ) 9640 X  
Nordea Bank Abp 3000  X X
Nordnet Bank AB 9100  X  
Northern Trust Global Services SE 9958 X  
Northmill Bank AB 9750 X  
Resurs Bank AB 9280 X  
The Riksbank 1000 X  
Riksgälden 9890  X  
Santander Consumer Bank AS 9460 X  
SBAB Bank AB 9250 X  
Skandiabanken AB 9150  X X
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB 5000  X X
Sparbanken Syd 9570 X X
Svea Bank AB 9660 X X
Svenska Handelsbanken AB 6000  X X
Swedbank AB 8000  X X
VP Securities A/S 9956 X  
Ålandsbanken Abp 2300  X X
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Updated 16/06/2023