Questions and answers for new SELMA reporting

Is there any kind of authorization besides username/password that we need to be aware of? E.g. anything regarding ssh public keys or certificates etc.?
Yes, there will be additional authorization besides username/password. Exactly how this will be set-up is not yet completely decided. However, most likely a unique private key will be distributed together with username/password for each reporting institute and market.

Please note that reporting will be possible by using protocol HTTPS and/or SFTP.

Is there any chance that we before the acceptance test period can test just the actual SFTP connection towards your server so that we can verify that the library we are using is working as intended? Just basic connection with username/password and maybe try upload of a dummy file?
Yes. That will be possible and highly recommended to minimize problems in the acceptance test period. According to the updated time plan we have a step wise test approach towards reporters:

According to the updated time plan we have a step wise test
approach towards reporters
Step/ ActivityStartsEndsComment
1) Reporters provide developed XML-files (one for each market FX/FI) through e-mail ( The content does not need to include real data as the purpose for the Riksbank is to verify that developed files flows through our developed integration (meets format and name standard). 2016-09-12   2016-10-21 Still missing
reports from
a few reporters/markets
2) Reporters set-up e-mail account for report notification. According to Exchange specification: 2016-09-26  2016-10-21  Still missing e-mail accounts from a few reporters/markets
3) Riksbank implements the File upload connected to acceptance environment 2016-10-25  2016-10-28  2016-10-17
4) Riksbank set-up users (SELMA reporters) in the File Upload Service and sends out username/password to reporters 2016-11-01  2016-11-04  2016-10-31 
5) Reporters test SFTP/https-connection with Riksbanken (ensure that reporters are able to connect) 2016-11-10  2016-11-11   
6) Reporters connect and deliver reports including real data through our File Upload Service (Acceptance test) 2016-11-14  2016-11-18  Reporters should
report trade-by-
trade turnover for
the period: Oct 31
– Nov 4 2016
7) Riksbank connect the File Upload Service for SELMA Reporting to production environment 2016-11-23  2016-12-02   
8) Riksbank close current SELMA system for reporting 2016-12-02 2016-12-02   
9) Reporters report SELMA statistics through the new process 2016-12-05  Ongoing   

Information in relation to the File Upload Service for SELMA reporting

  • The File Upload Service will be available through following addresses (Please note that these addresses not yet are live):
    - s
  • The file upload Service will only be accessible for pre-defined public IP-addresses and correct username/password
  • Please also see updated Questions and answers for an overall picture of specification of the File Upload Service

How do we get the result of a delivery? E.g. do we have to poll the system for results asynchronously (if using e.g. SFTP) or is there a synchronous protocol implementation (if using e.g. HTTPS)?
Acknowledgment of delivered report will be sent to the reporting institute through mail according to the Exchange specification.

Does the test system require real production data or can we send self-invented test data?
During test (step 1 above) it is ok with self-invented content as long as the file format and file name is in accordance with supplied specification and schema. During acceptance test real production data is to be supplied.

Will the test system be available also after production has started (for continuous integration testing)?
We not yet decided on this. More information will come later.

Will we receive a report confirmation?
Yes, a confirmation will be emailed to your predefined inboxes that we want you to set up according to the document "Exchange specifications for SELMA reporting".

Is there a specific deadline time on the reporting day, when the report has to be sent?

Are we required to save sent reporting files?
No you are not, but it could be useful for you to know, that after we received your files, we will do a manual quality control of the statistics, beyond the automatic format control. This means that we might need to contact you about the contents of the files. Most often this will happen the day after the reporting day, but it could take some days as well. It is up to you as a reporter if you want to store files or recreate the statistics when needed.

The new asset type Other Debt Securities, does that contain the Other Bonds and Other Short-Term Securities from the current Selma?
Yes, parts of the securities in the old definitions Bonds and Other Short-Term Securities should be added to the new definition of Other Debt Securities. More specifically, this implies to the parts of the Bonds and Other Short-Term Securities relating to Municipalities and county councils.

The securities from the old definition Other Bond which relates to the financial sector (banks and financial corporation) should be included in the new asset type Financial Sector Unsecured Bonds.

The securities from the old definition Other Short-Term Securities which relates to the financial sector (banks and financial corporation) should be included in the new asset type Financial Sector Certificates. It is also in this asset type the old definition Mortgage Certificates should be included.

Table for a detailed view over the changes
New Definitions on FI marketOld Definition on FI market
GVB Government Bonds GOV
Government Bonds
Short Government Bonds
ILB Inflation Linked Bonds ILB Inflation Linked Bonds
TB Treasury Bills TB Treasury Bills
COB Covered Bonds (When covered) MB
Mortgage Bonds
Short Mortgage Bonds
FSUB Financial Sector Unsecured Bonds OB Other Bonds (Banks and financial corporations)
FSC Financial Sector Certificate OS
Other Short Term Sec (Banks and financial corporations)
Mortgage Certificate
RBC Riksbanks Certificate RBC Riksbanks Certificate
CB Corporate Bonds CB Corporate Bonds
CC Corporate Certificate CC Corporate Certificate
KIB Kommuninvest Bonds KIB
Kommuninvest Bonds
Short Kommuninvest Bonds
KIC Kommuninvest Certificate KIC Kommuninvest Certificate
ODS Other Dept Securities OB
Other Bonds (Swedish municipalities and county councils)
Other Short Term Sec (Swedish municipalities and county councils)

Can the revised reporting file have the same name as the original reporting file, i.e. follow the name standard KeyFamily-ContentType-ReportType-Reporter-Period-Timestamp.xml as stated in the specifications for SELMA reporting
The revised reporting file can have the same name except for the Timestamp. This needs to be different to avoid duplicates.

If we have to revise the statistics on more than one day in a reporting period, can we report the statistics in the same revised reporting file or do we need to report these days in separate files?
Revisions for several days can be reported in the same reporting file. The days do not have to be consecutive to be reported in the same file.

Why can we not report any trades traded on a Swedish Holiday?
The time series database where we store Selma data is based on Swedish business days so we are not able to handle data on Swedish Holidays.

Does the Riksbank send any acknowledgement once a report is received?
Yes, e-mail will be sent to reporter as soon as reporting file has been collected. Content will be validated against basic rules and information whether file has been accepted or not will be included in the e-mail. A copy of the e-mail will be provided in time for testing.

If now reporting weekly, on the XML 2016-10-31 is this the end of the reporting week?
Period in the XML code refers to the actual trade date for reported turnover amount. This means that you in a typical weekly report will have five trade dates (Periods).

Are the reportable amounts still in millions? i.e. 200,000,000 of notional to be reported as 200, this is to remain the same over all product types including futures?
Yes, in million SEK.

Rounding – We assume that rounding is to the nearest million: 3.4 million is rounded to 3 million and 3.5 rounded up to 4 million, is this correct?

Trades with Riksbank; both primary market buys and secondary market trading are now reportable to Selma?
Yes. As in the current definitions purchase of Riksbank Certificates from Riksbank are reported as Primary Market trades. If you sell Riksbank certificates to someone else it is a secondary market deal and has to be reported under relevant category. Selling or buying Government Bonds to/from the Riksbank is reported as trade with Riksbank.

NASDAQ cleared forward relates to futures trades?
Forwards should be reported regardless if they are cleared or not. Please see below for an extract from the definitions:

Refers to transactions settled later than 10 business days from trade date, also called t+11. Note that Nasdaq-cleared forwards shall always be reported as forwards (even if they were settled sooner than t+11).

Will testing of the SFTP be available? Do you have any details?
There is yet no specific details other than already specified in the document. Testing will available and is planned to week commencing 12th September.

If a trade is amended or cancelled within the report date time frame we can amend or cancel this in the report, but if a trade is cancelled a week later (not likely but possible) how do we reflect this? If at all? Example: 5 million reported last week, is cancelled tomorrow?
Reporting and revisions are done on the trade date basis (although reports are expected weekly or monthly).

Do we regenerate and resend the file for last week if we need to add a missed trade?
When you do corrections you need to send all transactions for the revised day not necessary whole report period (see page 1 in SELMA - Reporting routines).

Late trades – if our trade report for week 04.04.2016 to 08.04.2016 is reported on 11.04.2016 and a late trade is booked for 06.04.2016, how do we reflect this trade? Is it trade date in our system, or booking date?
Reporting is done on the trade date basis.

We are making the assumption that we report any notional amount in SEK issued bonds and any settlement FX are excluded?
Report should be done in principal amount (nominal or notional) in millions of SEK (see page 1 in New FI Definitions).

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