Temporary monetary policy counterparties

To avoid robust companies being knocked out as a result of the corona pandemic, the Riksbank decided, in 2020, to enlarge the circle of monetary policy counterparties temporarily. Institutions other than monetary policy counterparties were thereby given the opportunity to participate in the previously decided programme for lending to companies via banks.

On 26 March 2020, the Riksbank decided to grant Swedish credit institutions under the supervision of Finansinspektionen the opportunity to become temporary monetary policy counterparties to the Riksbank. At the same time, the decision was taken to allow temporary monetary policy counterparties to participate in the Riksbank’s programme for onward lending to non-financial corporations. When the programme for funding to banks to support corporate lending was terminated in September 2021, the Riksbank also decided to remove the opportunity for institutions to apply to become temporary monetary policy counterparties.

Temporary monetary policy counterparties:

  • Sparbanken Alingsås AB
  • Sparbanken Skåne AB (publ)
  • Sparbanken Skaraborg AB (publ)
  • Tjustbygdens Sparbank Bankaktiebolag
  • Volvofinans Bank AB
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Updated 21/09/2021