Dialogue forum on the e-krona

The forum aims to gather knowledge and information from market participants who can help the Riksbank in its work on designing a sustainable ecosystem for the e-krona, should a decision be taken to issue it.

The participants in the forum consist of representatives of, for instance, banking, finance, FinTech, retail and academia.

A summary of the discussions held will be published after each meeting.

The forum will be in place for a limited period of time and will have no decision-making mandate or other formal advisory functions.

For questions regarding the dialogue forum, please contact info.ee@riksbank.se.

Anders Karlsson Avanza Bank
Anna-Lena Wretman Fundler
Birgitta Söderlund Rietz H & M Hennes & Mauritz
Jenny Winther Handelsbanken
Jens Olsson Future Payments Consulting
Johan Hörmark SEB
Johan Ryer Intergiro Intl
Jonas Hedman Copenhagen Business School
Max Liljenthal Reitan Convenience Sweden
Oscar Berglund Trustly
Sofia Lindh Possne Swedbank
Susanna Laurin Funka
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Updated 26/09/2023