How do I apply for a job at the Riksbank?

On this page we have gathered some frequently asked questions about the recruitment process at the Riksbank.

I am interested in working at the Riksbank, what should I do?

All job vacancies are published on the Riksbank's website on the page Available vacancies. You can subscribe to our job vacancies and send in an application when you find something suitable for you.

What documents should I send when applying for a job at the Riksbank?

All jobs and appointments are different and we therefore adapt our methods for evaluating your competence in relation to the position. When you click on the “Apply” button you will reach the application form. There you can see what information we want and which documents you may need to enclose. We usually request that you enclose a CV and a personal letter. Sometimes we also (or instead) request that you respond to a number of questions and tick boxes regarding your skills and competence. Regardless of the method, it is important that we receive sufficient information to be able to make a selection.

I have a protected identity, how do I apply for a job at the Riksbank?

Contact the recruiting manager to apply for a vacant post. The HR division will process your application in a secure manner, according to written routines to safeguard a protected identity.

What happens after I have sent in my application?

You will receive confirmation by email that we have received your application. We look at all of the applications after the final application date has passed. You will therefore not hear from us before then. For some recruitments we use logic tests as part of the process. It is important that you do these tests so that your application is considered complete. After the tests we make a further selection and some applicants go on to the next state of a telephone interview or interview at the Riksbank.

How is the interview conducted?

We usually hold at least two interviews for all new recruitments, where you will meet the manager recruiting and/or a representative of the HR division. Depending on the position, you may also meet other managers and employees. At the Riksbank we recruit staff on a competence basis, which means we clearly define which competence we are seeking and in the interview this competence is examined. We do this by asking questions about your experience and about your behaviour with regard to concrete situations.

What happens next?

If you go to the next stage of the recruitment process, you may be asked to do a work test linked to the position you are applying for. What this involves will depend on the position and what it entails. We also take references, do background checks and check that all degree documentation is genuine.

Can I send in an impromptu application?

We do not have the capacity to match impromptu applications with vacancies. We would therefore ask you to instead subscribe to our available vacancies and to send in an application when you find something suitable for you.

How do I apply for a research position at the Riksbank?

The recruitment of researchers at the Riksbank is normally done in accordance with the international model and standard, once a year via “Econ Job Market”. Accordingly, job vacancies are advertised in the autumn on both the Riksbank’s website and on the international website The recruitment process is very similar to the Riksbank’s normal process, the difference being that it is done via Econ job.

In exceptional cases, the Riksbank employs researchers at other times of the year. In such cases, the process is exactly the same as for other positions. All job vacancies are published on the Riksbank’s website on the Available vacancies page, which you can subscribe to.

Candidates are selected to attend a short interview. The first round of interviews takes place at the international conferences arranged in December/January by the European Economic Association in Europe and the American Economic Association in the United States. After the first round, a small number of candidates are selected and invite to spend a day at the Riksbank, when further interviews are held and candidates present their work at a research seminar.

Do you take in students or people doing work experience?

There is considerable interest in work experience positions or internships at the Riksbank. Unfortunately, we are not usually able to offer either work experience positions or internships, apart from at the Research Division, which offers one or twp positions for PhD students each year. These are normally advertised in the spring and are for a few months’ work experience in the autumn. If you would like to come to work at the Riksbank, we recommend you to keep an eye on available vacancies on our website.

When do I receive feedback if I have applied for a position at the Riksbank?

We try to give feedback to all of our candidates as soon as possible. After the final application date has passed, we work on making a selection for around 1-3 weeks and then we get back to all candidates as soon as we can within this time span. If you have been for an interview, we will contact you personally, otherwise you will receive a message by email when we have completed the recruitment process and given the job to another candidate. A recruitment normally takes one to three months. All of the filled vacancies are notified on the Riksbank's website for three weeks after the decision has been made.

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Updated 04/11/2022