Historical Monetary Statistics of Sweden

The three books, published by the Riksbank together with Ekelid Publishing House (Ekerlids Förlag AB), form part of a more comprehensive project that has previously resulted in a database of historical monetary statistics which can be found on this webpage (under each chapter).

The present project, which involves compiling historical monetary statistics for Sweden is partly inspired by a similar project carried out by Norges bank (Norway's central bank), which resulted in several books about monetary policy statistics for Norway between 1819-2003.

Compiling historical statistics is particularly problematic as definitions change over time. The aim of the present project is to construct time series which are consistent over time, and which apply definitions used today. This will to a large extent facilitate long-term analyses of house prices, the relationship between money supply and inflation and macroeconomic developments, for example.


Project coordinators

Rodney Edvinsson, Stockholms university
Daniel Waldenström, Research Institute of Industrial Economics

Coordinators from the Riksbank

Tor Jacobson

Other researchers participating in the project

More specific questions can be answered by the respective authors.

Jan Bohlin, Gothenburg University
Bo Franzén, Stockholm University
Klas Fregert, Lund University
Roger Gustafsson, Lund University
Sven Hellroth, Stockholm University
Per Hortlund, Ratio Institute
Lars Jonung, Lunds universitet
Svante Larsson, Gothenburg University
Håkan Lobell, Lund University
Johan Söderberg, Stockholm University

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Updated 01/02/2018