Redeeming invalid banknotes

The Riksbank has the possibility to redeem all invalid Swedish banknotes, regardless of their age, for a fee of SEK 100. These banknotes shall be sent to us by post, see below.

NB! The Riksbank does not return the banknotes if they are not redeemed. This is because the Riksbank is responsible for ensuring that the banknotes in circulation are valid. Invalid banknotes should not be accepted by banks and retailers.

The Swedish Act on Measures against Money Laundering

The Riksbank complies with the Swedish Act on Measures against Money Laundering and therefore needs to check where the banknotes have come from. You must therefore explain in your application, in as much detail as possible, exactly where you got the invalid banknotes and why they were not used while they were legal tender. Please also enclose any supporting documentation, such as receipts, account statements or similar that confirm your explanation. If you are acting as proxy for someone else, you need to send in a power-of-attorney document.

NB! The Riksbank does not accept foreign banknotes for redemption.

The Riksbank has decided to amend the regulations on the redemption of banknotes and coins (RBFS2015:1)

The amendment entails companies that handle cash in their day-to-day operations no longer being able to redeem invalid banknotes. Nor will redemption be permitted if one deliberately buys invalid banknotes for the purpose of making a profit. The new regulations entered into force on 1 June 2017.

The reason for the amendment to the regulations is that the companies and traders who handle cash in their day-to-day operations should know which banknotes are valid and which are invalid and therefore should not accept invalid banknotes. Another reason is that they also have difficulty in proving that the invalid banknotes do not arise from a crime or criminal activities. The Riksbank primarily redeems invalid banknotes to assist private individuals who have inadvertently failed to redeem or use their banknotes in time.

Rules and Regulations on notes, coins and depots.

How you redeem your invalid banknotes

Fill in the form for Request for the redemption of invalid Swedish banknotes (PDF), print it out and sign it. After that, you should send the form together with the banknotes to the Riksbank by post. NB! You cannot hand in banknotes and forms in person at the Riksbank offices.

The Riksbank's fee is SEK 100

The Riksbank only redeems the banknotes if their total value exceeds SEK 100. This is because we charge a fee of SEK 100 for each case, regardless of how many banknotes are involved or the size of the amount to be redeemed.

If you would like to have your money deposited in an account in a foreign bank, we ask you to use the offline form.

After you have completed the form, you should send the banknotes to the Riksbank, we can accept normal post as well as recommended and registered letters. Contact your local post office for information on the postal service's insurance terms. The address is:

Sveriges Riksbank
Inlösen/Redemption of banknotes
103 37 Stockholm

Once we have received your request we will begin to process it within 3 to 6 weeks. At that point an automated confirmation e-mail will be sent to you if an e-mail address was given on the form. Upon approval of your request the Riksbank will make a transfer to the bank account stated on your request without additional notifications.

Please do not send any valid banknotes to the Riksbank, only banknotes that are invalid. It is not possible to send coins to the Riksbank, as we only redeem commemorative coins.

Do you have any questions?

Contact the Riksbank, telephone 08-787 09 06. Telephone hours are non-holiday weekdays, 08.00–12.00. You can also contact us by email at

Read more about the Swedish Act on Measures against Money Laundering on the web site of the Swedish Banker's Association


Tourists and foreign citizens

If you are a tourist and discover that you have invalid Swedish banknotes after you have left the country, you can send them to the Riksbank. The Riksbank has the possibility to redeem all invalid Swedish banknotes. If the request for redemption is approved, the Riksbank will deposit the amount in your bank account (even if it is a foreign bank account).

Updated 04/07/2019

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