Redeeming invalid banknotes

The Riksbank has the possibility to redeem all invalid Swedish banknotes, regardless if their age. The fee for redemption is SEK 200 per application.

Make an application

Request for the redemption of invalid Swedish banknotes (PDF).

Changes after 1 October 2020

  1. The fee for redemption was raised from SEK 100 to SEK 200.
  2. New regulations came into force, which means that only the person who owned the banknotes when they became invalid, or estates of deceased persons, has the right to redeem them.

What does the process look like?

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1. Submit your request

The first step for those who wish to redeem banknotes is to submit your request. This is easily done via BankID, but you are also able to use our form for redemption.

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2. Send the banknotes to us

Once you have completed your request, send it together with the banknotes to the Riksbank at: Sveriges riksbank, Inlösen, 103 37 Stockholm. Contact your local post office if you want to know more about the postal service’s insurance terms.

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3. Processing

Once we have received your request, we will begin to process it. The processing time may vary but the normal processing time is 3-4 weeks.

Your request is assessed on the basis of The Sveriges Riksbank Act, Anti-Money Laundering Act ( and The Riksbank’s regulations (PDF).

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4. Decision

Based on the information you have submitted, the Riksbank will form a decision. If your request is approved you will receive the value of your banknotes transferred to your bank account.

The fee of SEK 200 will be withdrawn from the total amount.

Questions & answers

Is it possible to open an account at the Riksbank?

The Riksbank is Sweden’s central bank and a public authority under the Riksdag (the Swedish parliament). We do not have any banking activities in relation to the general public, so it is not possible to open an account with us as a private person or company.

Instead, we recommend that you contact one of the commercial banks in Sweden. More information about Swedish banks and related subjects can be found on the Swedish Bankers’ Association website.

Why has the Riksbank replaced its coins?

Firstly, the new coins are much smaller and lighter, which means that the handling costs for coins will be lower. Secondly, the new coins are completely nickel-free. This eliminates the risk of nickel allergy, which is a problem for many people. Thirdly, there is less environmental impact as fewer transports are needed for the same value of coins.

The new coins are also much cheaper to produce, which means that the Riksbank, and thus the state, has lower costs.

By introducing a 2-krona coin, fewer coins will be needed as the 2-krona coin will replace two 1-krona coins in many payments.

Why did Riksbank change banknotes and coins?

Even if other methods of payments, such as card payments, are increasing the Riksbank assesses that cash will remain in use for a long time to come.

More questions & aswers


Contact the Riksbank, telephone 08-787 09 06. Telephone hours are non-holiday weekdays, 08.00–12.00

12 May 08:00-11:00
13 May 13:30-16:00

You can also contact us by email at

Tourists and foreign citizens

If you are a tourist and discover that you have invalid Swedish banknotes after you have left the country, you can send them to the Riksbank. The Riksbank has the possibility to redeem all invalid Swedish banknotes. If the request for redemption is approved, the Riksbank will deposit the amount in your bank account (even if it is a foreign bank account).

Updated 15/10/2021