Continuous analysis and monitoring

The Riksbank works continuously to identify and analyse risks of severe disruptions or significant efficiency losses in the financial system. Below is a description of the areas included in the Riksbank’s analysis.

The Riksbank’s payment system RIX forms the core of the analysis, as this is where all transactions between participants take place. The five major banking groups operating in Sweden are the main participants in the payment system. They are the focus of the Riksbank’s analysis, as they are such a large and significant part of the Swedish financial system. Together, they account for about 70 per cent of deposits and loans in the banking sector. The financial markets are also significant to the Riksbank’s analysis, as they are so important to the funding and risk management of the banks and companies.

Analysis of the financial system

The Riksbank analyses and assesses the stability and efficiency of the financial system in several steps:

  • Identifying and assessing risks and vulnerabilities
  • Assessing the financial system’s resilience
  • Assessing the need to implement measures
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Updated 03/01/2023