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You can subscribe to mailshots from the Riksbank via RSS and Via TT.

Subscribe to mailouts of press releases Via TT

The Riksbank uses TT’s news portal to distribute press releases to editorial offices and journalists. If you wish to subscribe to mailouts of the Riksbank’s press releases, you can choose to register at Riksbank's page at Via TT (to change to English, go to bottom of page).

Subscribe via RSS

By monitoring one or more RSS flows you can conveniently receive information on news items and updates on the Riksbank's website.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a standard format for delivering news headings and summaries.

To monitor an RSS flow you need a program that can read the RSS format. There are a large number of programs that can do this and many of them are free. The program notifies you when a new article has been published. By clicking on a heading, you can read the whole article. Several modern browsers and e-mail programs have built-in functionality for reading RSS flows.

To begin monitoring an RSS flow, you paste the address to the flow into the RSS reader you are using.

You can subscribe to the following material from the Riksbank’s website via RSS:

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Updated 29/03/2023