Current inflation rate

The Riksbank’s target is 2-percent inflation per year measured in terms of the CPIF (Consumer Price Index with a Fixed interest rate). The Swedish office of national statistics, Statistics Sweden, calculates inflation.

Development of inflation over time

Information on inflation over time according to CPIF is available on the Statistics Sweden website.

In the Statistics Sweden Statistical database, it is also possible to perform searches on how inflation has developed over time. For questions about Consumer Price Index and searches in the statistical database, contact Statistics Sweden, Statistics Service.

When are the inflation figures updated?

Statistics Sweden calculates and publishes changes in the consumer price index every month. For more detailed information on the exact date this occurs, see the Statistics Sweden publishing calendar (choose a time interval and the subject Prices and consumption). 

CPIF, September 2021

(2.4 percent in August 2021)

How is inflation measured?

The inflation target

Target for CPIF

The inflation target
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Updated 24/06/2020