Payments Report 2024

The Riksbank’s work and policy

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The Riksbank’s work and policy

Work on the e-krona continues

The Riksbank’s work on an e-krona continues. An e-krona can be part of a long-term solution to the challenges of digitalisation. Furthermore, an e-krona would mean new payments infrastructure, which could solve certain problems concerning competition, cross-border payments, and preparedness while it could promote innovation at the same time. The work on the technical e-krona pilot has been concluded and the Riksbank is now focusing on fundamental design and policy issues for a possible e-krona. In addition, the legislative work needs to start now so that the lead time is not too long if the Riksdag decides that the Riksbank may issue an e-krona. At the same time, the Riksbank continues to play an active role in the international cooperation on central bank digital currencies.

Circuit board behind a hand with a mobile phone, it says E-krona on the screen. A wallet and token for one user.

Published: 14 March 2024