Monetary policy

The objective of monetary policy is to maintain a low and stable rate of inflation. More precisely target is to hold CPIF inflation at around 2 per cent a year. Without neglecting the inflation target, the Riksbank shall moreover contribute to a balanced development of output and employment. Monetary policy is the measures the Riksbank takes to achieve this.

Policy rate

Applies from 29 November 2023

Graph and table

The inflation target

Target for CPIF

The inflation target

CPIF, October 2023

(4.0 percent in September 2023)

How is inflation measured?

Monetary Policy Report

The report describes the deliberations made by the Riksbank when deciding what would be an appropriate monetary policy to conduct.

Monetary Policy Report

New Sveriges Riksbank Act

The new Sveriges Riksbank Act came into force on 1 January 2023.

The Sveriges Riksbank Act

What is monetary policy?

What is monetary policy and how does it affect me?

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