Financial stability

A stable and functioning financial system is needed for the national economy in Sweden to function well and grow in a sustainable way. The Riksbank's objective, within the framework of its responsibility for the financial system, is to contribute to the stability and efficiency of the financial system, which also includes the ability for the public to make payments. In this work, however, the Riksbank must not neglect the price stability target, which means that the Riksbank shall maintain permanently low and stable inflation.

Financial Stability Report

Read the Riksbank’s analysis and assessment of stability in the Swedish financial system.

Financial Stability Report

New placement of market information

Find ongoing market operations etc

Does Sweden need an e-krona?

The Riksbank is investigating whether the krona needs to be issued in an electronic form, an "e-krona".


New Sveriges Riksbank Act

The new Sveriges Riksbank Act came into force on 1 January 2023.

The Sveriges Riksbank Act

What is financial stability?

Why is it important with financial stability and what role has the Riksbank?

The film: What is financial stability?