Invalid 5-krona coin

All 5 krona coins minted in 1954 or later were all legal tender up until 30 June 2017. These coins are now invalid.

These coins are now invalid:

5-krona coin, minted from 1976


  1. King Carl XVI Gustaf's crowned monogram.
  2. Legend: "Sverige" (Sweden) and year of minting.


  1. The figure "5" with a bow on each side.
  2. Legend: "kronor".


Colour: Silver.
Metal content: Plated material in three layers. The core is nickel and the outer layer is an alloy of copper and nickel.
Weight: 9.50 grammes
Diameter: 28.50 millimetres
Thickness: 2.00 millimetres
Edge: Smooth

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Updated 15/05/2020

What to do with invalid coins

Coins that are no longer legal tender cannot be redeemed by the banks or the Riksbank. These coins can be regarded as scrap metal and can therefore be left for metal recycling.

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