Collecting SWESTR via API

The Riksbank has an open API (Application Programming Interface) that enables values for SWESTR and data about the SWESTR transaction dataset to be collected automatically. Information on the Riksbank’s API for SWESTR is presented here.

The SWESTR API is a REST API that enables the most recently published SWESTR or previous publications for a time period to be collected. The API can be used free of charge, but the number of requests that can be made during a period of time from a given IP address is limited. If you need to make more requests, you can also register as a user in the Riksbank’s API portal. 

Preliminary SWESTR values were removed from the Riksbank’s API in conjunction with SWESTR becoming available for use as a reference rate in financial contracts and with the conclusion of the test period. The data from the test period is available here.

The Riksbank’s Conditions for the use and re-publication of SWESTR apply.

The Riksbank’s API portal

Technical documentation for developers, information on published APIs and on how to register users can be found in the Riksbank’s API portal. Information about how the Riksbank handles your personal data when using the API can also be found in the portal.

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Updated 02/09/2021