Web services (API)


As from 20 November 2019 the Riksbank's API only permits Soap 1.2. Version Soap 1.1 is no longer permitted.

Web services

Web services are a way of automating the collection of data from the Riksbank. We provide a number of web services (Soap 1.2) that can be used to search for interest rates and exchange rates, their names, various aggregates per period (month, year, quarter...). For each period it is also possible to calculate minimum value, maximum value, average and ultimo (the last banking day of the month).

The following web services are available:

  • getAllCrossNames
  • getAnnualAverageExchangeRates
  • getCrossRates
  • getCalendarDays
  • getInterestAndExchangeNames
  • getInterestAndExchangeGroupNames
  • getInterestAndExchangeRates
  • getLatestInterestAndExchangeRates
  • getMonthlyAverageExchangeRates

WSDL files can be accessed via the address:


For complete documentation on the web services provided by the Riksbank see the link:


If you only wish to obtain series for one period, follow these instructions:

  1. Find the series for which you would like observations in the list
    "Series for web services" and note the group ID and series ID.

  2. Call theweb service with the selected group ID and series ID and other parameters, see the link:


  • The Riksbank disclaims liability for any errors or changes in listings afterwards and for any interruptions in the functioning of the website that may affect access to the statistical database.
  • The Riksbank reserves the right to make updates/changes to the website that may affect the downloading of statistics.
Updated 21/11/2019

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