New API for interest rates and exchange rates under development

News The Riksbank is developing a new more modern API (Application Programming Interface) with the aim of making it easier for users to automatically retrieve interest rates and exchange rates from the Riksbank. A beta version of this new REST API is now available. The Riksbank’s old SOAP API will be phased out.

Test and plan for a transition

The purpose of the beta version is to give users the opportunity to look at the new solution and test connectivity and functionality. The Riksbank recommends existing users of the old SOAP API to plan for a transition to the new REST API and assess the scope of the work.

The Riksbank plans to switch to the REST API during the last quarter of 2023. The old SOAP API will then be phased out after a transition period of approximately 3 months.

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Read more about the beta version on the page Retrieving interest rates and exchange rates via REST API – beta version. There is also a link to the Riksbank's API portal (beta version) where there is technical documentation for developers, information about published APIs and the possibility to register users.

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Updated 04/05/2023