When the Riksbank needs to purchase goods or services it, in the first instance, places orders with suppliers covered by the joint framework agreements for the state sector that are available on the central government's website for the coordination of procurement. If no suitable agreement is available, the Riksbank conducts its own procurement. When the Riksbank procures goods, services or contracts, the provisions of the Public Procurement Act (LOU) and the Defence and Security Procurement Act (LUFS) apply.

The Riksbank has a cooperation agreement with the Swedish Tax Agency which means, among other things, that we continually check contractors and subcontractors over the agreement period, as well as in conjunction with the submission of tenders and the signing of agreements.

Current procurements

List of the current procurements (only in Swedish) advertised on Visma Opic with the possibility to download complete tender specifications(if the list is empty then no procurements are in progress).

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Updated 10/01/2023