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The Riksbank publishes listings for SWESTR (Swedish krona Short Term Rate) each Swedish banking day. With the help of the search function below it is possible to search for listings of SWESTR with effect from the listing on value day 1 September 2021. From this listing, SWESTR can also be used as reference rate in financial contracts. The Riksbank also provides average rates and an index based on SWESTR. The average rates are provided for the time periods 1 week, 1, 2, 3 and 6 months.

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In connection with SWESTR becoming available for use as reference rate in financial contracts and the test period being concluded, the preliminary SWESTR listings were removed from the search function. The data from the test period is available on the page Test period for SWESTR.

When necessary, a corrected reference rate will be published

The Riksbank publishes SWESTR at 09.00 each banking day. If any reporter, or reporters, send in or validate transaction data too late, so that these data are not received by the first calculation, the Riksbank can publish a corrected listing for SWESTR at 12.00 on the same day. A corrected listing is also a possibility in the case of technical problems. This value then replaces the previously published value as official listing for SWESTR. A corrected interest rate will only be published if a new calculation gives rise to an interest rate listing that deviates by more than two basis points from the value published at 09.00. If a corrected listing is established, the information on the transaction dataset is also updated. 

Compounded average rates and index will be corrected only if SWESTR is corrected

Values for compounded average rates and index will be published every banking day at 09.05 beginning on 2 May 2023. Corrected values for SWESTR averages and index will be published only if the value for SWESTR is corrected, or if an error in the previous calculation has been detected, and in that case at 12.05.

Transaction base report

The Riksbank publishes quarterly, and with a time lag, a report on late-received changes in the transaction data and/or validations that would have affected established values for SWESTR if they were received in time. The report has the nature of a summary and includes days when the absolute value of the impact on SWESTR exceeds 0.001 percentage points (0.1 basis point).

Value day for SWESTR, average rates and index

SWESTR has its value day onthe day when the transactions that make up the base for the rate were made. SWESTR is then published with a one-day time lag. The publication day for SWESTR is thus the banking day that follows on from the value day for SWESTR.

For average rates and index, the value day is the same as the publication day, and also the end date for the time period over which the average rates are calculated. The average rates and index thus take into account the SWESTR listing published on the same day. The starting day given is the first day of the period for which average rates are calculated.