The General Council

The General Council consists of eleven members and as many deputies. Its members are appointed by Parliament (the Riksdag) and have a term of office corresponding to the general election period. The General Council selects from among its number a Chairperson and a Vice Chairperson.

Regular members

  1. Susanne Eberstein (S)
  2. Michael Lundholm (M)
  3. Hans Hoff (S)
  4. Hans Birger Ekström (M)
  5. Bo Broman (SD)
  6. Marie Granlund (S)
  7. Peter Helander (C)
  8. Ali Esbati (V)
  9. Chris Heister (M)
  10. Mikael Eskilandersson (SD)
  11. Caroline Helmersson Olsson (S)


  1. Agneta Gille (S)
  2. Jonas Jacobsson Gjörtler (M)
  3. Thomas Strand (S)
  4. Sofia Fölster (M)
  5. Josef Fransson (SD)
  6. Mathias Tegnér (S)
  7. Roger Tiefensee (C)
  8. ClasGöran Carlsson (S)
  9. Susanne Ackum (M)
  10. Sammy Almedal (SD)
  11. Rasmus Ling (MP)
Updated 24/10/2018