The General Council

The General Council appoints the members of the Executive Board and decides on their salaries and other terms of employment. The General Council also adopts the Riksbank’s Rules of Procedure and decides on the design of banknotes and coins. In addition, the General Council presents proposals to the Riksdag (Swedish parliament) and the Swedish Government.

The General Council has the task of regularly monitoring the Riksbank’s activities and how the Executive Board manages them. One way of monitoring is via the Council Chair and Vice-Chair having the right to attend Executive Board meetings, although they are not allowed to submit proposals or take decisions in order not to jeopardise the Riksbank’s independence. The General Council also has an audit unit that, among other things, examines how the Executive Board members exercise their duties. The work is carried out by a chartered accountant.

The General Council may present opinions on consultations within its field of competence. In consultation with the Executive Board, the General Council may, within its remit, present proposals to the Riksdag and the Government for statutory amendments or other measures.

The General Council meets about ten times a year. For information about the dates of General Council meetings, see the Calendar on the Riksbank’s website. The meetings are not public.

Members of the General Council

The General Council consists of eleven members and the same number of deputies. Its members are appointed by the Riksdag and have the same term of office as Members of Parliament. The General Council selects a Chair and Vice Chair from among its numbers.

Regular members

  1. Bo Broman, Chairperson (SD)
  2. Tomas Eneroth vice ordförande (S)
  3. Susanne Ackum (M)                             
  4. Martin Kinnunen (SD)                       
  5. Annelie Karlsson (S)                              
  6. Hans Birger Ekström (M)                              
  7. Hans Hoff (S)                           
  8. Mattias Karlsson (SD)      
  9. Jonas Jacobsson Gjörtler (M)                   
  10. Emma Lennartsson (S)
  11. Mats Odell (KD)


  1. Andrea Kronvall (SD)
  2. Mathias Tegnér (S)
  3. Malin Löfsjögård (M)                                 
  4. Linda Lindberg (SD)                        
  5. Ulla Andersson (V)                                
  6. Maria Plass (M)                                        
  7. Peter Helander (C)                                       
  8. Erik Kristow (SD)                                    
  9. Katarina Brännström (M)                        
  10. Rasmus Ling (MP)
  11. Vacant
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Updated 21/10/2022