IMF’s analysis of cross-border money laundering threats and vulnerabilities

The eight countries of the Nordic-Baltic Constituency of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) took the initiative in 2021 to engage the IMF to conduct a regional analysis of cross-border money laundering (ML) threats and vulnerabilities, along with an analysis of the impact of financial integrity shocks on financial stability. The project is now completed and the results was made public in a regional report published on 4 September.

A panel discussion with senior representatives from each country and led by the IMF’s Deputy General Counsel Luis Corral Urrutia, focussing on questions related to this work, was be held on 4 September. The panel discussion can also be seen on the Riksbank's You Tube channel.

Panel discussion on the IMF report on money laundering in the Nordic-Baltic region

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Updated 21/03/2024