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Economic research at the Riksbank is conducted primarily within the Research Division. The Monetary Policy Department and the Financial Stability Department also conduct economic research and employ Ph.D. economists.

Economists' in the division do research in many areas of importance to the Riksbank, with the objective of furthering our understanding of the overall economy, and in particular monetary policy, the banking system, financial markets, and supervisory policy.

Research at the division is published in the Riksbank Working Paper series and in peer-reviewed journals. Research economists also advise decision-makers on monetary policy and financial market issues. Through presentations, papers, and advisory activities, they share their insights and expertise with fellow professionals and policymakers. They are also involved in developing models that are used in economic analyses and forecasting for the Executive Board and policy departments.

The division usually organizes one or two conferences per year on subjects that are of interest to the bank. We also host an internationally oriented seminar series once a week. As part of an international research environment, we visit other research institutions and we regularly host visitors from other central banks and universities. Visiting scholars may visit the division on an ongoing basis for one day a week or for one-time periods of a week, semester or year. We also work together with the universities in Stockholm and Uppsala in terms of courses, student tutoring, and joint research projects.

More information on particular projects is available on Economists at the Research Division and Economists in other divisions.

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Updated 05/01/2018