Payments Report 2024

The Riksbank’s work and policy

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The Riksbank’s work and policy

Modernisation of the payment infrastructure necessary

The Riksbank is working to modernise its payment system RIX. As a result, more payments can now go through RIX, which improves both security and efficiency. The Riksbank is also investigating whether more participants can gain access to RIX in order to increase competition in the payments market, and is working to make cross-border payments faster. Banks need to prioritise the modernisation of the private payment infrastructure, in particular Bankgirot, and adapt their systems and services so that more payments can be as fast as Swish.

Illustration of a community with buildings, two of which are banks. Next to the community stands a high wall that protects the community against a large wave.
Buildings that connect. In the foreground a symbol, part of a chain. Gears in the background.

Published: 14 March 2024