Conditions and instructions

This page contains links to documents with terms and instructions that regulate the legal relationship between the Riksbank and the Riksbank's counterparties (RIX participants, Monetary Policy Counterparties and Counterparties in Foreign Exchange (FX) Transactions).

"Terms and Conditions for RIX and Monetary Policy Instruments" (Terms and Conditions) contain contractual terms that apply to RIX Participants, Monetary Policy Counterparties and Counterparties in FX Transactions. They consist of a Master Document and four annexes.

  • Annex H0 - List of Contents
  • Annex H1 - Definitions
  • Annex H2 - Accession Agreement
  • Annex H4 - Collateral Instructions (see Collateral)

The Terms and Conditions also contain references to different types of instructions and terms:

  • RIX-RTGS Instructions
  • RIX-INST Instructions (see Documentation for implementation of RIX-INST)
  • Monetary Policy Instruments Instructions
  • Counterparty Application Instructions
  • RIX Account Terms
  • Special terms for deposit facility for central counterparties

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Updated 08/06/2022