Outgoing API (SOAP)

The Riksbank has launched a new REST API for interest rates and exchange rates. Here you will find information on the outgoing SOAP API which will be discontinued on 27 May 2024. Only SOAP version 1.2 is supported, SOAP version 1.1 is no longer supported.


The Riksbank's outgoing SOAP API for interest rates and exchange rates is available for a transitional period to give users time to update their existing integrations. On 27 May 2024, the SOAP API will be discontinued. The Riksbank therefore recommends not setting up new integrations towards this SOAP API.

Retrieving interest rates and exchange rates via API (the new REST API)

Information on change affecting “getAnnualAverageExchangeRates”

After 30 November 2020, it will not be possible to obtain monthly or annual averages for the current period using the method “getMonthlyAverageExchangeRates”

The Riksbank has adjusted getAnnualAverageExchangeRates. Previously, it was possible to obtain a mean value for a period that had not ended, for example it was possible to obtain annual data on any day of the year. The reason for the adjustment is that API users could not know when a period or a result was established. Consequently, monthly and annual averages for the current period are now calculated on the final banking day of the month at 12.05, which is to say after publication for the day.


The Riksbank’s web service for interest rates and exchange rates has a number of methods you can invoke to search interest rates and exchange rates, cross rates, series names, various aggregates per period (month, quarter, year) and so on. For each period, minimum, maximum, average and ultimo (final banking day of the month) values can also be retrieved.

The web service provides the following methods:

  • getAllCrossNames
  • getAnnualAverageExchangeRates
  • getCrossRates
  • getCalendarDays
  • getInterestAndExchangeNames
  • getInterestAndExchangeGroupNames
  • getInterestAndExchangeRates
  • getLatestInterestAndExchangeRates
  • getMonthlyAverageExchangeRates

The WSDL file can be reached via the address:


Complete technical documentation for the Riksbank’s web service:


To retrieve series for one period, follow these instructions:

  1. Find the series for which you would like retrieve observations in the list Series for the web service and note the group ID and series ID.
    Series for the web service
  2. Invoke the web service with the selected group ID and series ID, as well as other parameters; see the link: https://swea.riksbank.se/sweaWS/docs/api/call/getInterestAndExchangeRates.htm


If you have questions on the Riksbank’s API for interest rates and exchange rates, email: API@riksbank.se

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Updated 27/11/2023