Historical estimates of SWESTR

The Riksbank is providing a data series containing historical estimates of SWESTR. The data series gives an indication of what SWESTR would have been if the reference rate had been calculated based on historical transaction data.

The Riksbank is providing a data series containing a proxy for SWESTR for the period 4 January 2016 to 31 August 2021 inclusive. This data series gives an indication of what SWESTR would have been if the transaction-based reference rate had been developed during this period. The proxy reflects the calculation method that the Riksbank is currently using to produce daily values for SWESTR. The transaction dataset for the historical estimates has been recreated retrospectively and has therefore not undergone the same quality checks as the transaction dataset that forms the basis for the values published by the Riksbank for SWESTR on a daily basis. The Riksbank has instead conducted manual methods for the quality checks that as far as possible imitate the methods used for SWESTR.

The basis for the series consists of the banks' deposit transactions carried out in the money market from the trade date to the next business day (overnight, O/N) in Swedish kronor, where the counterparties are banks, financial institutions, non-financial companies or the Swedish National Debt Office. The estimates are calculated in the same way as SWESTR, that is, as a volume-weighted average rate where the dataset has first been trimmed. For more information about the calculation method for SWESTR, see the page Calculation method and transaction data for SWESTR. The Riksbank also provides the same information about the transaction dataset as the Riksbank provides for the values of SWESTR.

For more information about the historical data series and conditions for its use, see the information document.

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Updated 15/11/2021