Commemorative coins

Commemorative coins can be issued to mark events of particular significance to Sweden. The issuance of commemorative coins is an old tradition and the Riksbank has issued many commemorative coins. The interest in and market for commemorative coins has decreased, and today their issuance is restrictive.

The General Council of the Riksbank decides whether to issue commemorative coins. The last time the Riksbank issued a commemorative coin was in 2010 to celebrate the marriage of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling.

Issued commemorative coins

Since the eighteenth century, the Riksbank has issued many different commemorative coins. You can find information about these on the following pages under each century:

Purchasing commemorative coins

The Riksbank does not sell any commemorative coins. Coins can be purchased from coin dealers, for example.

Trading in commemorative coins

Commemorative coins are legal tender and can therefore be used to pay for items in exactly the same way as any other means of payment. But in accordance with freedom of contract, shops and restaurants can by agreement refuse to accept them as payment.

Redemption of commemorative coins

If you have commemorative coins that you no longer wish to keep, it may be possible to redeem them at a bank, possibly for a fee. The Riksbank also redeems commemorative coins

Specially minted coins

Special minting of coins involves giving one side of a common coin a motif that is different to the normal one. Such coins are distributed in the same way as other coins.

Specially minted coins can be issued to honour the memory of historical persons, to mark events of major importance to Sweden's development or to celebrate important jubilees. The person or event being commemorated must be of broad national interest.

The brochure "Mynt till ära och minne" (Coins in honour and remembrance)

In cooperation with the Royal Coin Cabinet, the Riksbank has produced a brochure "Mynt till ära och minne", (Coins in honour and remembrance, in Swedish only), which presents all commemorative coins issued up the end of 2004.

The Riksbank does not conduct any numismatic activities

The Riksbank does not conduct any numismatic activities. If you have any questions on the potential value to a collector, we suggest you contact a coin dealer or consult literature on numismatics.

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Updated 19/05/2020