Use of the Riksbank’s name and logo

Unfortunately, the Riksbank's name and logo are increasingly being misused by various third parties in connection with various types of fraudulent activity. In some cases, the Riksbank is also named as the bank through which payments or transactions should be made.

The Riksbank takes a serious view of this type of fraudulent activity and would like to make it clear that it does not supply banking services for, or receive deposits from, the general public or companies. The Riksbank therefore recommends that the general public should not send money or provide bank and credit data to people who say that they represent the Riksbank or that they have a bank agreement with the Riksbank.

If you see or receive dubious documentation that refers to the Riksbank or claims to have been sent by the Riksbank, you should immediately report it to your local law enforcement authority or turn to the relevant national authorities. The Riksbank wishes to point out that it cannot be held responsible if its name, logo or address is misused in schemes that are intended to defraud the public.

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Updated 18/01/2018