Payments Report 2024

Safety, efficiency and accessibility

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Safety, efficiency and accessibility

Are payments in Sweden accessible?

Part of the Swedish population does not have sufficient access to payment services, some because they have difficulties using digital payment services and others because they cannot access payment accounts. The problems have grown as manual payment methods have gradually been phased out, such as cash services and over-the-counter bill payment locations.

Illustration with a map of Sweden. Next to it are a shop and two bank buildings. Next to the buildings are people, an elderly woman with a cane, a young woman with a shopping cart, an adult and a child with a shopping bag, and a family with children with a shopping cart.

Published: 14 March 2024

What is needed to ensure payments are accessible?

It must be possible for everyone in Sweden to pay at a reasonable cost. Users must have good access to payment services and there must be different payment methods to choose between, depending on the situation and conditions.