Swedish banking sector

The statistics describe banks' activities from a Swedish perspective, i.e. on the basis of monetary financial institutions based in Sweden. The statistics show the financial assets and liabilities of banks broken down by financial instruments, counterparty country, currency and counterparty sector.

At the end of the third quarter of 2023, the total liabilities of Swedish banking sector amounted to SEK 15 801 billion. Of these, approximately 41 per cent constitute financing in foreign currency, see Figure 1. Deposits are the most common form for the banks’ total liabilities, especially deposits in Swedish kronor. Debt securities accounts for a large part of the banks’ liabilities, where 55 per cent of the securities are issued in foreign currency.

Liabilities of Swedish banking sector in foreign currency

Figure: Liabilities of Swedish banking sector in foreign currency

Source: Sveriges Riksbank

Statistics on Swedish banking sector are produced once a quarter. The statistics are currently based on 18 reporters. The reporting agents record their positions on a non-consolidated level. The statistics were previously produced by Statistics Sweden until Q4 2022, when this was taken over by the Riksbank. See the previous statistics here.

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Updated 23/01/2024