Economists in other divisions

  • Virginia Queijo von Heideken

    Virginia Queijo von Heideken Economist
    Monetary economics, credit markets, empirical macro, DSGE models

  • Ulf Söderström

    Ulf Söderström Deputy Head of Monetary Policy Department
    monetary policy, inflation targeting, international economics

  • Stefan Laséen

    Stefan Laséen Senior Adviser
    Monetary policy

  • Rafael B. De Rezende

    Rafael B. De Rezende Economist
    Macro-Finance, Empirical Asset-Pricing, Forecasting, International Finance, Monetary Economics

  • Paola Di Casola

    Paola Di Casola Senior Economist
    Macroeconomics, international macroeconomics, housing, time series econometrics

  • Meredith Beechey

    Meredith Beechey Deputy Head of Monetary Policy Department
    Macroeconomics, monetary policy, financial markets

  • Martin Flodén

    Martin Flodén Deputy Governor

  • Ard Den Reijer

    Ard Den Reijer Senior Economist
    Empirical macroeconomics, econometrics, forecasting

  • Annukka Ristiniemi

    Annukka Ristiniemi Economist
    Monetary policy, macro-finance

  • Marianne Nessén

    Marianne Nessén Senior Adviser

  • Carl Andreas Claussen

    Carl Andreas Claussen Senior advisor
    collective economic decisions, social choice theory, house prices, MPCs

  • Daniel Buncic

    Daniel Buncic Senior Economist
    Financial economics, time series econometrics and forecasting, empirical macroeconomics, financial stability and banking

  • Cristina Cella

    Cristina Cella Senior Economist
    Institutional investors and financial institutions, corporate finance, corporate governance, firm’s ownership structures, performance, corporate investments, entrepreneurship, macroprudential

  • Anna Grodecka

    Anna Grodecka Senior Economist
    Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Financial Intermediation, Economic History, Finance and Banking

  • Paola Morales (on leave)

    Paola Morales (on leave) Economist
    Banking and Financial Intermediation, Financial Economics and Monetary Policy.

  • Peter van Santen

    Peter van Santen Economist
    Household finance, retirement savings, labor productivity, banking

  • Dilan Ölcer

    Dilan Ölcer Senior Economist
    Political Economics, Macroprudential Policy, Financial Economics, and Development Economics.

Updated 05/01/2018

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