STIBOR (Stockholm Interbank Offered Rate) is a reference rate commonly used in financial contracts for Swedish kronor with variable interest rates. STIBOR is used in bonds and loans and in most types of interest and FX derivatives. STIBOR is administered by the Swedish Financial Benchmark Facility (SFBF), a company owned by the Swedish Bankers’ Association.

It is SFBF that is responsible for calculating and publishing STIBOR on a daily basis: STIBOR - Swedish Financial Benchmark Facility (

The Riksbank has previously published listings for STIBOR on the Riksbank's website but ceased to do so in July 2020. However, it is possible to search historical listings on the Riksbank's website for STIBOR from 1987 until July 2020, on the Search interest & exchange rates page (click on Swedish market rates/STIBOR Fixing). 

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Updated 15/09/2022