Payments Inquiry – the state’s role in the payment market

The Riksbank has proposed that the state's role in the payment market be investigated and that the concept of 'legal tender' be reviewed. An inquiry is now under way, the Payments Inquiry, with the task of analysing the development of the payment market and the future role of the state in the payment market.

In a proposal to the Riksdag in April 2019, the Riksbank proposed that a committee with all-round expertise be tasked with performing a review of the concept of legal tender, the role of central bank money in a digitalised economy and the role and responsibility of both the state and the private sector on the payment market. Read more on the page The Riksbank proposes a review of the concept of legal tender. The Riksdag (the Swedish Parliament) agrees with the Riksbank that an inquiry is needed, read more on the Riksdag’s website: The state’s role in the digital payment market should be investigated (in swedish only).

The Payments Inquiry

In December 2020, the government appointed Anna Kinberg Batra as a special investigator of the state's role on the payment market (in swedish only). The report is called the Payments Inquiry, and its task is to conduct a broad analysis of the development of the payment market and to consider the future role of the state. The mandate includes, among other things, taking a position on the significance of and the need for certain means of payment to be legal tender. The inquiry will also take a position on the need for the Riksbank to issue digital central bank money known as the e-krona.

The inquiry’s proposals were originally to be submitted to the government on 30 November 2022 but this has been extended until 31 March 2023.

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Updated 03/01/2023