Brochures about the Riksbank

The brochures “The Riksbank’s role in society” and “What does the Riksbank do?” are no longer updated by the Riksbank and are therefore no longer available.

For brief and easy-to-read information about the Riksbank's role in the economy and what the Riksbank does, we refer you instead to our films about the Riksbank.  

What does the Riksbank do?

About the Riksbank's activities and role in the Swedish economy.

View the movie "What does the Riksbank do?"

What is monetary policy?

What is monetary policy and how does it affect me?

View the movie "What is monetary policy?"

How does the Riksbank's policy rate work?

How does the policy rate influence the economy and the level of inflation?

View the movie How does the Riksbank's policy rate work?

What is financial stability?

Why is it important with financial stability and what role has the Riksbank.

View the movie "What is financial stability?"
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Updated 13/06/2022