Tor Jacobson

Tor Jacobson

Senior Advisor

Monetary Policy Department
Research Division
Sveriges Riksbank
SE-103 37 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone + 46 8 787 06 97

Empirical corporate finance, banking and credit risk


Ph.D., Statistics, Uppsala University, 1992
M.Phil., Economics, University of Cambridge, 1989
B.A., Economics, Uppsala University, 1985.

Work in progress and working papers

"Credit Risk Models and Parameter Stability: Empirical Evidence from Sweden", with Kenneth Carling, Kasper Roszbach, Jesper Lindé, in progress.

"SME and corporate exposure to business cycle risk", with Kasper Roszbach and Rikard Nilsson, in progress.

"Capital charges under Basel II: Corporate credit risk modelling and the macro economy" (with Kenneth Carling, Jesper Lindé, Kasper Roszbach), Sveriges Riksbank Working Paper No. 142, September 2002.

"Identifying the effects of monetary policy shocks in an open economy" (with Per Jansson, Anders Vredin, Anders Warne), Sveriges Riksbank Working Paper No. 134, May 2002.

Publications in refereed journals

”Curbing Shocks to Corporate Liquidity: The Role of Trade Credit” (with Niklas Amberg, Erik von Schedvin, and Robert Townsend), ​Journal of Political Economy, 2021, vol. 129, pp. 182-242.

"Trade Credit and the Propagation of Corporate Failure: An Empirical Analysis"

(July 2015), Volume 83(4), Econometrica, (with Erik von Schedvin).

"Taking the Twists into Account: Predicting Firm Bankruptcy Risk with Splines of Financial Ratios" (August 2014), Volume 49(4), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, (with Paolo Giordani, Erik von Schedvin, and Mattias Villani.

"Firm Default and Aggregate Fluctuations", with Kasper Roszbach, and Jesper Lindé, Journal of the European Economic Association, vol 11, (4), 2013, pages 945–972.

CEPR discussion paper no. 7083, Appendix July 2011

"Inflation, exchange rates and PPP in a multivariate panel cointegration model", Econometrics Journal, (March 2008), Volume 11 (1), pp. 58-79, (with Johan Lyhagen, Rolf Larsson, Marianne Nessén)

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"Long-run relations between private and public sector wages in Sweden" (with Henry Ohlsson), Empirical Economics 19, 1994, 343-360.

Other publications

"How can central banks promote financial stability?" (with Johan Molin, Anders Vredin), Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review 2, 2001, 5-13.

"Credit rating and the business cycle: Can bankruptcies be forecast?" (with Jesper Lindé), Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review 4, 2000, 11-33.

"Evaluating bank lending policy and consumer credit risk" (with Kasper Roszbach), in Y.S. Abu-Mostafa, B. Lebaron, A.W. Lo, and A.S. Weigend (eds.), Computational Finance, MIT Press, 1999.

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Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Econometrics, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Empirical Economics and Journal of Applied Econometrics