The Riksbank’s communication policy

Communication is an important strategic tool at the Riksbank. This policy shall ensure that the Riksbank’s communication is clear, carefully-prepared and builds confidence.

The objectives of the Riksbank’s communication are to:

  • Make it possible for the Riksdag (the Swedish parliament), the general public and the media to understand, examine and evaluate the work of the Riksbank.
  • Contribute to good knowledge and thereby to a high level of confidence in the Riksbank’s activities, analysis and policy decisions.
  • Give the employees relevant information so that they can carry out their work, feel involved and motivated and experience job satisfaction.

The Riksbank's communication policy concerns both internal and external communications. It expresses an approach that describes the Riksbank's communication. In addition, every employee at the Riksbank has a constitutionally protected right to freedom of communication pursuant to the provisions of the Freedom of the Press Act and the Fundamental Law on Freedom of Expression.

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Updated 15/01/2021