The Riksbank's ethical regulations

REF. NO. 2018-00337

Adopted by the Executive Board of the Riksbank on 27 March 2018.

The department responsible for this document is the General Secretariat.

Ethical regulations

As a member of staff at the Riksbank you are expected to be able to manage situations that require good judgement, common sense and a good sense of what is right and wrong. Carefully thought-out and consistent management of ethical issues is not only important in itself, it is essential to ensure that the general public has confidence in the work of the Riksbank.

You should be particularly vigilant in your actions if:

  • You have access to insider information.
  • You own financial instruments. You may be required to report your holdings.
  • If you have secondary occupations. Some secondary occupations can damage confidence in the bank or prevent you from doing your job properly.
  • If you risk being in a conflict of interests. You must yourself report any circumstances which could be assumed to cause a conflict of interests for you.
  • If you have access to information that is classified as confidential. You must be aware of the provisions regarding public access and confidentiality in the Riksbank.
  • If you are offered meals, study trips, discounts and other benefits or gifts. You must exercise caution with reference to the regulations on bribery.
  • If you offer guests meals or similar on behalf of the Riksbank.
Updated 16/04/2018

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