Invalid 50-krona banknotes

Invalid after 31 December 2013

50-krona banknote printed 1996-2003
Banknote Information
Size 77x120 millimetres
Watermark Portrait of the singer Jenny Lind.
Face Portrait of the singer Jenny Lind.
Reverse A picture of a silver harp and its tonal range.


Invalid after 31 December 1998


50-krona banknote printed 1965-1990
Banknote Information
Size 130x82 millimetres
Watermark In the unprinted part of the banknote there is a sequence of portraits of Anna Maria Lenngren in profile. Vertical security thread.
Face Portrait of Gustav III in profile.
Reverse Portrait of Carl von Linné.


Invalid after 31 December 1987


50-krona banknote printed 1896-1962
Banknote Information
Size 140x121 millimetres
Watermark Head of Mercury in a cartouche in lower left corner, horizontal wave-lines elsewhere.
Face Engraving of "Mother Svea", seated, on the right side.
Reverse Portrait of Gustav I. Blue fibres inserted on the left side.


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