Riksbank receives prize for work on e-krona

News The Riksbank has won Central Banking's CBDC Infrastructure award for its work on the e-krona. This prize is awarded among central banks around the world by the Central Banking Journal and the jury highlighted in particular the fact that the Riksbank began working on a CBDC early on.

The Central Banking Journal is a publication covering global issues relating to the activities of central banks and financial supervisory authorities.

The jury’s motivation for awarding the prize was that the Riksbank has been a pioneer in this field for many years. Moreover, the Riksbank has been good at collaborating with other central banks and has produced high quality analysis that has helped raise the discussion around the world.

“When we started our work with the e-krona back in 2017 the subject of central bank digital currency was something of a fringe interest among most. Now it has risen to the top of the international policy agenda and this award is a great encouragement to our team,” says Governor Stefan Ingves.

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Updated 28/10/2020