A month to go before Linné, Karl XI and older coins become invalid

Press release There is just one month to go before the old 100- and 500-krona banknotes and the old 1-, 2- and 5-krona coins become invalid. There is still SEK 9.2 billion in banknotes and SEK 1.9 billion in coins left in circulation. This is why the Riksbank wants you to use your old banknotes and coins.

Since October 2015, the Riksbank has received banknotes and coins to a value of SEK 52 billion. But the Swedish public still has SEK 11 billion.

A recent survey shows that every household has an average of SEK 324 in coins. The same figure was SEK 514 in December 2016 and SEK 779 in January 2015.

Denomination Millions SEK million
100 18 1 815
500 15 7 342
1 1 011 1 011
2 4 8
5 181 903

The figures in the table have been rounded off

"The banks have now increased the number of branches that accept coins and several banks have stopped charging a fee. Consult you bank if you have a lot of banknotes and coins. Shops may find it difficult to manage large volumes of banknotes and coins all at once. It is also important that banks and cash-in-transit companies can supply shops with new coins and that shops stop giving customers the old, soon-to-be-invalid coins as change," says Christina Wejshammar, Head of the Cash and Payment Systems Department.

The Riksbank is now carrying on with its "Efterlyst!" ("Wanted") information campaign to alert the general public to the fact that the banknotes and coins will soon become invalid. Over the coming weeks, the campaign will be visible on billboards, in newspapers and in digital channels.

myntkartan.se – for those of you with a lot of coins

If you want to deposit your coins in a bank account, you can make use of myntkartan.se. There are around 950 banks, bureaux de change and shops with coin machines that accept coins.

Further information

Further information on the banknote and coin changeover can be found on the Riksbank website riksbank.se under the heading Notes & coins.

Contact: Presstjänsten 08-787 02 00
Updated 14/01/2018