Press conference: Sveriges Riksbank 350 years – gold from the gold reserve on display for the first time

This year, the Riksbank celebrates its 350th anniversary. Consequently, in September, the Riksbank is arranging an open day for the general public. At the event, it will be possible to see, for the first time, gold bars from the gold reserve, private banknotes and Sweden's first coin. It will also be possible to attempt to pick up copies of a gold bar and the world's heaviest coin.

At 10.30 am on 4 May, the Riksbank will hold a press conference at which Governor Stefan Ingves and Heidi Elmér, Head of the Markets Department, will show the gold bars and discuss the Riksbank's gold reserve. Press cards must be shown.

During the anniversary year we will be organising activities both for specially invited guests and for the general public, in Stockholm and all over Sweden. These will include events for the general public in six of the places around the country where the Riksbank had local offices and an anniversary conference together with the Riksdag.

Contact: Presstjänsten 08-787 02 00
Updated 02/05/2018