Currency codes

Currency codes for currencies in the Riksbank’s database are shown here. Please note that some currencies have been discontinued.

Currency codes
Currency code Country Currency Comment
ATS Austria shilling Discontinued 02/28/2002
AUD Australia dollar  
BEF Belgien franc Discontinued 02/28/2002
BRL Brazil real  
CAD Canada dollar  
CHF Switzerland franc  
CNY  China renminbi  
CYP  Cyprus pound Discontinued 12/31/2007
CZK  Czech koruna  
DEM Germany mark Discontinued 02/28/2002
DKK Denmark krone  
EEK Estonia kroon  Discontinued 31/12/2010
ESP Spain pesetas Discontinued 02/28/2002
EUR Euro euro  
FIM Finland marka Discontinued 02/28/2002
FRF France franc Discontinued 02/28/2002
GBP  Great Britain pound  
GRD Greece drachmer Discontinued 02/28/2002
HKD Hong Kong dollar  
HUF Hungary forint  
IDR  Indonesia rupiah  
IEP Ireland pound Discontinued 02/28/2002
INR  India rupee  
ISK Iceland krona  
ITL Italy lire Discontinued 02/28/2002
JPY  Japan yen  
KRW  South Korea won  
KWD  Kuwait dinar  
LTL Lithuania litas Discontinued 12/31/2014
LVL  Latvia lat Discontinued 12/31/2013
MAD  Morocco dirham  
MXN  Mexico nuevo peso  
MYR Malaysia  ringit  
NLG Netherlands guilder Discontinued 02/28/2002
NOK  Norway krone  
NZD New Zealand dollar   
PLN Poland zloty  
PTE  Portugal escudo Discontinued 02/28/2002
RUB Russia ruble  
SAR  Saudi Arabia riyal  
SEK Sweden krona   
SGD Singapore dollar  
SIT Slovenia tolar Discontinued 12/31/2006
SKK Slovakia koruna  Discontinued 12/31/2008
THB Thailand baht  
TRL  Turkey lira  Discontinued 12/31/2004
TRY Turkey new lira From 01/01/2005
USD  USA dollar  
ZAR South Africa rand  


Nasdaq Swedish Foreign Exchange Fixing Rates is provided by Nasdaq Stockholm AB and shall not without Nasdaq Stockholm AB´s prior written consent be used:

  1. As reference for the issuance of a financial instrument;
  2. As reference for the determination of the amount payable under a financial instrument or a financial contract;
  3. As reference by a party to a financial contract;
  4. For measuring the performance of an investment fund for the purpose of tracking the return of Nasdaq Swedish Foreign Exchange Fixing Rates, of defining the asset allocation of a portfolio, or of computing the performance fees;
  5. For any other purpose which may qualify Nasdaq Swedish Foreign Exchange Fixing Rates as a benchmark in accordance with regulation (EU) 2016/1011 of the European Parliament and of the European Council on indices used as benchmarks in financial instruments and financial contracts.
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Updated 14/01/2022