1970 - Construction starts on the Riksbank building

Image on the Riksbank´s building

It took six years for the building, designed by architect Peter Celsing, to be finished. On 8 April 1976, it was time to move into the black granite building at Brunkebergstorg in Stockholm.

Since 1907, the Riksbank’s operations had been based on the island Helgeandsholmen, in the building now used by the Riksdag. But this building was too small and the bank needed to move. The solution was an entirely new building at Brunkebergstorg.

Peter Celsing was firmly convinced that the building should appear impregnable. Consequently, he chose to cover the facades with black granite (diabase) that he sourced from Göinge in Skåne. Stonemasons cut the large stone blocks to give them a rough surface. Inside the building, Celsing created a contrast to the dark, heavy exterior. Ceilings and furniture were given a light design in thinly cut birch from Norrland and Finland. Colourful artworks decorated rooms and corridors. The topmost levels housed exercise and recreation areas for employees.