Corporate Services Department

Corporate Services Department

Robert Sirkka

The Corporate Services Department (AVS) is responsible for HR, accounting, procurement, registry and archive, security, premises and service, and preparedness and collaboration. The Risk Division also belongs to the department.

The divisions within AVS are responsible for several of the Riksbank’s support functions. The Accounting Division is responsible for the annual accounts, budget and invoices. The HR Division supports the bank’s operations when it comes to managerial and staff development, skills supply and work environment issues. The Procurement, Registry and Archive Division supports operations with regard to procurements, document registration and the management of official documents. This Division is also responsible for the Riksbank’s archive.

The Risk Division is responsible for issues relating to risk management, internal governance, incidents, regulatory compliance, whistle-blower cases and data protection.

The Premises and Service Division is responsible for the Riksbank’s real property, including management and adaptation of premises (own and rented premises). This Division is also responsible for all forms of internal service.

The Security Division is responsible for security issues. These include physical security, security of operations requiring protection and personal safety (such as travel safety) and information security.

The Preparedness and Collaboration Division is responsible for the public being able to make payments during peacetime crisis situations and in the event of heightened alert in accordance with the new Sveriges Riksbank Act. It also coordinates the Riksbank’s internal total defence planning and runs the FSPOS* secretariat.   

AVS is a department with many separate functions and operations with the common objective of ensuring that the bank has the right conditions to successfully execute its main tasks.


Robert Sirkka is the Head of the department from 5 September 2022.

The department consists of seven divisions:

  • Accounting
  • HR
  • Premises and service
  • Preparedness and Collaboration
  • Risk
  • Procurement, registry and archive
  • Security.

* The group for private-public co-operation in the financial sector.