Purchases of treasury bills

To mitigate the effects of the corona pandemic on the Swedish economy, the Riksbank purchased securities in an amount of up to SEK 700 billion, from March 2020 until 31 December 2021, in addition to the purchases planned prior to the pandemic. The purchases aimed at keeping interest rates in general at a low level and contributing to an efficient supply of credit. During the first quarter of 2022, the Riksbank's purchases will focus on compensating for securities that mature. The scope of the purchases will thus be adjusted so that the total holding develops in a way that contributes to monetary policy being well balanced. The current purchases include treasury bills, among others.

The Riksbank may purchase tradeable debt instruments with a remaining time to maturity of at least 70 days at the time of purchase. The purchases are made on the secondary market and via bid procedures. The Riksbank’s monetary policy counterparties and the Swedish National Debt Office’s current primary dealers in government treasury bills may participate in these bid procedures.

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Holdings of treasury bills

Here, we present the Riksbank’s total holdings of treasury bills. The holdings are the net total of treasury bills purchased, that is the total sum of treasury bills, minus bills that has matured at that point in time. The Riksbank's purchases of treasury bills began in January 2021 and the holdings amount to SEK 20 billion since the end of June. During the first quarter of 2022 the Riksbank will purchase treasury bills to such a total nominal amount that the holdings amount to SEK 20 billion.

Holdings of treasury bills

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Change in holdings of treasury bills
  SEK billions
Holdings per 30 November 2021 24.5
New purchases in December 2021 3
Maturing volume in December 2021 -7.5
Holdings per 31 December 2021 20

Purchases of treasury bills

Here we present the Riksbank’s total purchases of treasury bills.

Purchases of treasury bills

Figure: Purchases of treasury bills

The diagram shows, at each respective point in time, the Riksbank's total purchases of treasury bills since the measure was initiated in January 2020. The figures are stated in SEK billions. Download the data from the chart by clicking on the arrow to the right, above the chart. Source: Sveriges Riksbank.

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Updated 24/01/2022