Workshop on financial stability efforts at Swedish authorities

On 5 June 2018, a workshop on how to organise financial stability efforts at various authorities was held at the Riksbank.

The Riksbank took the initiative for the workshop but the agenda was set in cooperation with the other participating authorities: Finansinspektionen, the Swedish National Debt Office, the Swedish Ministry of Finance, the National Institute of Economic Research and the secretariat for the ongoing inquiry into the Sveriges Riksbank Act.

Two overseas experts, Gavin Bingham and Andrew Large, were hired to draft proposal for the agenda and to lead the workshop. Gavin Bingham has held different positions at BIS, including Secretary-General of the Central Bank Governance Forum. Among other positions, Andrew Large has been Deputy Governor of the Bank of England.

Mr Bingham and Mr Large have summarised their own conclusions from the workshop in a report, but do not describe any conclusions from the participating authorities.

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Updated 01/03/2019