The quest for nominal stability: Lessons from three decades with inflation targeting 23–24 May 2024

Sveriges Riksbank will host a high-level academic conference on inflation targeting on 23-24 May 2024. The conference brings together prominent academics in the field as well as current and former central bankers. Participants will discuss a broad range of issues regarding the theory and practice of inflation targeting.

The quest for nominal stability: Lessons from three decades with inflation targeting 23–24 May 2024

Conference program

The conference will feature six panels focusing on a specific topic based on a research paper. Main speakers in each panel are

Franklin Allen, Imperial College London
Olivier J. Blanchard, Peterson Institute for International Economics
Mervyn King, London School of Economics
Guido Tabellini, Bocconi University
Silvana Tenreyro, London School of Economics
Michael Woodford, Columbia University

The conference is open for invited speakers and guests only but will be live streamed via Riksbank website, see link below.

Organising committee

Martin Flodén, Sveriges Riksbank
Stefan Laséen, Sveriges Riksbank
Jesper Lindé, IMF
Marianne Nessén, Sveriges Riksbank
Torsten Persson, IIES, Stockholm University
Ulf Söderström, Sveriges Riksbank


Thursday 23 May   

09:30      Panel 1: Designing institutional arrangements to foster nominal stability

11:00      Break

11:30      Panel 2: Flexible inflation targeting

13:00      Lunch

14:30      Panel 3: Inflation targeting and financial stability

16:00      Break

16:30      Panel 4: Inflation targeting and exchange rates

18:00      Adjourn

Friday 24 May                       

09:30      Panel 5: Monetary and fiscal policy

11:00      Break

11:30      Panel 6: Inflation targeting in practice

13:00      Lunch

14:30      Adjourn

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Updated 10/05/2024