New survey data highlights company pricing

Economic Commentaries, News It is difficult to gain a complete picture of the driving forces behind inflation. The results of the assessments can vary, depending on which models or statistical techniques are used To gain a better understanding of what lies behind company pricing, the Riksbank introduced in 2015 new recurring questions into the National Institute of Economic Research's survey on how companies view the Swedish economy. This Economic Commentary presents the new information that has come to light from the Economic Tendency Survey.

The results of the survey responses indicate that foreign and domestic cost pressures have increased in the trade sector. Higher demand and higher domestic costs have contributed to price increases in service branches. At the same time, competition has held back price pressures in these sectors. These results largely confirm the results from the Riksbank's macroeconomic models. In time, it is hoped that the responses to the new questions can be used in models for short-term forecasts and enable other analyses of the development of inflation.


By Erik Frohm, Mårten Löf and Markus Tibblin, who work at the Riksbank's Monetary Policy Department.

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Updated 11/09/2018