Efficient vaccination against COVID-19 entails major macroeconomic benefits

Economic Commentaries, News There are many good reasons not to allow a safe vaccination against COVID-19 to be delayed. Continued spread entails a high burden on the medical system, more people dying and a lot of people suffering. In addition, there are considerable macroeconomic gains.

Each month that the pandemic is shortened can mean GDP is SEK 25 billion higher and public finances are improved by SEK 20 billion. The 130,000 people who are out of work as a result of the pandemic and all those who have been furloughed could also get back to work sooner. These calculations have been made by Magnus Lindskog and Ingvar Strid in a new Economic Commentary. The figures are a rough estimates, but nevertheless provide an indication of what economic values can be gained if vaccination can be implemented efficiently.

By Magnus Lindskog and Ingvar Strid. The authors work in the Monetary Policy Department of the Riksbank.

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Updated 17/12/2020