Request For Information (RFI) within the framework of the e-krona project

News The Riksbank is continuing its work on preparing for an issuable e-krona and now wishes to gather information from the market about various possible technical solutions on which to base an e-krona.

The Riksbank is examining the possibility of issuing a digital version of central bank money that will be available to the general public. Work is currently under way with the aim of increasing knowledge of the technical and legal challenges involved in the issue of an e-krona, if such a decision were to be made.

As part of this work, the Riksbank is publishing a Request for Information (RFI). The aim of this RFI is to gain an understanding, prior to a potential future procurement of an e-krona system, of what possible solutions are currently available on the market. The objectives of the RFI are to:

  • Gain a concrete understanding of possible suppliers and technical options that can form the basis for an operational e-krona.
  • Understand how, in terms of architecture, the various solutions relate to the overall technical ecosystem in the market today.
  • Understand the limitations of the various solutions.

To respond to the RFI, download the documents in Mercell Tendsign.

Contact: Press Office, tel. +46 8-7870200
Updated 07/04/2022